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Target marketing on campus requires extensive research, understanding, and monitoring of student trends. It’s not hard to figure out that more surf boards are sold to college students in San Diego, California than to those in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

But finding out the primary gathering spots, specific interests, and unique needs of students at over 4,000 college campuses nationwide requires a lot of work. These are the finer points of college marketing.

The Importance of Target Marketing On Campus 


Target marketing on campus is a strategic way of marketing to students. Instead of marketing to college students as a whole, target marketing allows your brand to focus on specific consumer segments within the college market that are more likely to engage with your promotion. This increases efficiency and ensures that your advertising dollars are not wasted!

We’re Connected

NAM Youth Marketing provides the knowledge, resources, and tools to make your college marketing campaign a success.  We know how to effectively engage in target marketing on campus. We have the ability to help you design a college marketing campaign accessing the right target markets best suited for your promotion.

With the most extensive youth marketing network in the United States, we make it our priority to know the specific nuances of different campuses. Utilizing this knowledge, allows us to customize college marketing campaigns to maximize results and increase reach. We can run local, regional, or national campaigns, depending on your needs. Our target marketing on campus strategies will deliver results. 

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