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Most employers these days have their choice of candidates, but in STEM industries competition for top talent remains fierce. With increasing demands for qualified STEM employees across industries, companies recognize the growing need for an on campus STEM marketing recruitment strategy.

The majority of students spend their time on campus and on social media sites. By bringing the advertising to places they inhabit—physically and virtually—your company is one step closer to establishing brand recognition among students and forming initial connections.

NAM Youth Marketing has developed a college marketing strategy designed to recruit STEM students using a multitude of marketing channels, including campus marketing and social media marketing. We zero in on this niche demographic (STEM students) at key locations on campus to boost efficiency, increase reach, and maximize ROI. A college marketing specialist will work with you and discuss your company’s specific needs, pinpointing schools and locations of interest.

Here is an example of our STEM marketing approach:

Audience: Young adult students (18-24 years) attending universities and colleges nationwide, specifically targeting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students

Marketing Elements:

STEM Marketing Poster College Advertising STEM Marketing Posters on campus

–        Student Brand Ambassadors distribute posters, door hangers, and table tents in niche locations on campus, including math, computer science and information technology, physics and astronomy, engineering, biology, chemistry, and medical departments

STEM Marketing Table Tent College Advertising STEM Marketing College advertising

–        Student Brand Ambassadors also circulate media in high traffic locations, including student lounges, libraries, dining halls, student unions, cafés, and study areas

–        Multiple waves of print distribution ensure repeat exposure and generate awareness among STEM students

STEM Marketing Classroom Announcements

–        Our Student Brand Ambassadors—highly energetic, passionate individuals—have access to a variety of academic clubs and classrooms. They can make announcements about opportunities within your company, fostering interest while engaging with students

STEM Marketing Door Hangers
–        NAM Student Influencers interact with career services, department heads, and Professors to promote opportunities within your company and form worthwhile connections on campus

STEM Marketing P2P marketing

–        P2P Marketing naturally encourages word of mouth viral marketing

STEM Marketing Peer-to-Peer STEM Marketing P2P

Google +, LinkedIn, and Facebook: Our Student Brand Ambassadors utilize social media to engage with students in organic conversation through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. We target groups operated by students, staff, and faculty at select schools, specifically focusing on STEM departments and organizations.

–        Twitter: We will send out tweets every few hours every day of the campaign via NAM’s Twitter account, engaging students and generating traffic to your company’s website.

–         YouTube: We will promote videos about your company, highlighting the perks to students and demonstrating how they can become involved.

–        NAM Youth Marketing offers the most comprehensive direct email college database system in the industry to strengthen your STEM marketing campaign. You can select students’ age, field of study, class year, and more.

Through targeted brand immersion, your message will rise above the noise and resonate with students. Contact NAM Youth Marketing to learn more about STEM marketing strategies. We will cater to your company’s individual needs and design a solid college marketing plan with your goals in mind. 

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