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multicultural marketing

College campuses are diverse. The population at most universities is comprised of students from various countries and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity allows students to exchange cultural ideas and stimulates classroom discussions. Just as colleges and students benefit from a diverse campus, employers and employees benefit from a diverse workplace. Diversity promotes new ideas and new innovations due to the input of varying perspectives. Brands wanting to increase employee diversity can use multicultural marketing to advertise internships and job positions.

multicultural marketing diversity in the workplace

NAM Youth Marketing keeps up-to-date information on student demographics at colleges nationwide to ensure your company reaches the target market of choice. We have the expertise to tailor your multicultural marketing campaign to successfully resonate with your target audience.

multicultural marketing peer-to-peer Multicultural Marketing Peer-to-Peer MarketingMulticultural marketing will help your brand increase awareness among particular segments of the consumer population. For example, a majority of the skiing population is white. Ski resorts could use multicultural marketing to raise awareness and promote diversity on the slopes. NAM Youth Marketing can help your brand create new customers and expand market demographics with customized college marketing plans. 

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