Marketing to Women

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Marketing to Women on College Campuses

Did you know women make or influence 85 percent of all purchasing decisions?* They are a highly lucrative target audience and though college-aged women don’t have the purchasing power that they will have later in life, the brands that reach them early in their collegiate career will reap the rewards. These brand connections could influence buying patterns for years to come.

There are many ways of marketing to women, including:

1. Call-to-Action Coupons

Marketing to Women Using Coupons

Women are tech-savvy consumers that know how to shop around for deals. This is especially true for college-aged women who are budget conscious, digital natives. Coupons can lure new customers to your establishment and increase clientele. Distribute coupons through SMS, online, and print mediums to ensure the greatest reach.

2. Product Samples

marketing to women product samples

Women do not like to be sold things; they prefer to make their own conclusions about a brand or product before making a purchase. Product samples can provide them with first-hand experience and motivate them to act.

3. Storytelling Marketing

 Marketing to Women Using Storytelling marketing

Brands that tell an inspiring story will capture women’s attention and help build consumer-brand connections. College-aged women love to support companies that give back to their community or help the world in some way. Tell your company’s story and show how your brand will improve their lives and the lives of others.

NAM Youth Marketing specializes in niche marketing. We can help you craft a campaign that resonates with female college students. Contact us to learn more! 

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* According to Media Post’s Marketing To Women: 30 Stats To Know


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