Graduate Student Marketing

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Graduate Student Marketing

NAM understands that not everyone attending college on campus is a young undergrad, and that many companies interested in college marketing are looking for a more mature audience for their branded advertising campaigns.

Graduate and professional students are a niche demographic that many businesses and corporations have an interest in. They’re serious students—career-focused individuals who are interested in securing a bright future for themselves. They’re learning the most up-to-date industry knowledge, software, and technology relevant to their field of study.

Graduate Student Marketing (Career Focused)

Recruit Career-Driven Individuals

Many companies are looking to recruit summer associates, interns, or graduates into their ranks. Graduate student marketing can help inform students of upcoming opportunities and positions. This will generate interest among students and increase the number of job applicants. You can also gear your graduate student marketing recruitment campaign to target diverse candidates.

Graduate Student Marketing (Advertising Luxury)

Advertise Luxury

Graduate students, especially professional students, are more status conscientious and will typically enter their careers at much higher pay rates than most undergraduates upon graduation. This means that graduate student marketing is a great opportunity for brands to advertise luxury and status consumer goods, as graduate students will be more likely to act.

Graduate Student Marketing (Young Families)

Reach Young Families

Many graduate and professional students are starting to think about beginning families or already have young children. Brands wanting to generate awareness among young families or soon-to-be parents should use graduate student marketing to target this niche demographic.

NAM Youth Marketing understands the importance of target marketing, so that at the end of the day you have zero wasted ad dollars. We know where the highest concentration of graduate and professional students is located on campus and where the graduate students reside at each and every one of the schools in our extensive network. Don’t leave anything to chance, go with the company that has been around for years and has a true understanding of the college marketplace.

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