Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

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Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

There are over nine million fraternity and sorority members nationwide. Each of these fraternity and sorority members are highly connected with their peers and classmates and are involved in a variety of student activities and organizations on campus, including student government, community outreach programs, collegiate athletics and intramural sports, academic study groups, and student clubs.

Fraternity and sorority members are influential members of their collegiate community and have access to a large network of students.  Brands can tap into these connections by utilizing fraternity and sorority marketing. Hire fraternity and sorority members to help with your college advertising promotion.

NAM Youth Marketing’s vast network of student brand ambassadors includes several members of Greek organizations. NAM Youth Marketing can harness the power of their connections and resources, ensuring a successful fraternity and sorority marketing campaign on campus.

NAM Youth Marketing’s partnership with fraternity and sorority members, coupled with our extensive experience and expertise with college marketing, will allow your brand’s message to spread across campus and grab the attention of college students. Use fraternity and sorority marketing to promote products and events; fraternity and sorority members will drive consumer action with their strong social connections. 


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