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College Student Marketing: Tapping into the Youth of America

On-the-go college consumers effortlessly navigate across digital channels and social networking sites. Students carry their smartphones with them wherever they go. Their day-to-day lives are constantly fluctuating, and their schedules vary from one day to the next. Their continual movement coupled with their daily exposure to ads, makes it hard for companies to rise above the noise and attract students’ attention.

College Student Marketing That Attracts Attention

NAM Youth Marketing constantly monitors college and youth habits, viewing patterns, and trends, in order to develop 360 degree college student marketing campaigns that mimic youth behavior and resonate with students. Each student brand ambassador we employ provides us with specific updates regarding their university, upcoming events, and popular destinations on campus. We hire students on campus to engage their peers in fun, innovative ways. They use their knowledge of the campus, their on-and-offline social connections, and their student perspective to make genuine connections with their peers.

Our goal is to help businesses and brands enhance their overall marketing efforts using a 360 degree approach. We use our experience, expertise, and passion to meaningfully connect brands with college students and the youth in fun, innovative ways. Whether you want to improve brand awareness or drive sales, NAM Youth Marketing has the marketplace knowledge to make your campaign a success.

College Student Marketing On Campus

College Student Marketing On Campus

Student Brand Ambassadors have access to dorm rooms, classrooms, campus buildings and student facilities, student-only events, orientation, graduation ceremonies, fraternity and sorority gatherings, dining halls, student unions, and more. Anywhere students have access on campus, we have access. This opens the doors of possibilities for college student marketing campaigns. Wherever you want to advertise on campus, NAM Youth Marketing can make it happen!

College Student Marketing Socialization Event

College Student Marketing Socialization Event

College students love to socialize and value experiences. From attending music festivals to spring break extravaganzas, college student are looking for fun and adventure. Incorporating a socialization event or building on an experience is a great way to win over the college crowd. NAM Youth Marketing will help you come up with interactive college student marketing events that entertain students, while delivering ROI.

What We Can Offer

  • Customized College Marketing Services
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  • Knowledge of the College Marketplace and Industry Trends
  • Professional Services That You Can Count On
  • Fast, Measurable Results

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