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college market research student surveys

Use college street teams to conduct college market research. Given the high concentrations of 18-24 year olds located on college campuses nationwide, NAM Youth Marketing has the ability through our extensive network of student and social influencers to conduct college market research by having students fill out surveys and questionnaires. Our student brand ambassadors will engage with students and encourage them to fill out data cards, providing brands with invaluable insight into the college demographic.

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Data card collection is also an excellent way to generate leads. This is great for graduate and study abroad programs, test preparation companies, medical and professional schools, as well as many other companies that want to recruit and gain new clientele. Student influencers can make classroom and club announcements, specifically targeting students that would be most interested in your program, product, or service. This ensures that the leads are qualified and the interest genuine.

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If you want to test out messaging, branding, or any potential program strategies, NAM can provide you with invaluable college market research before you make the actual investment. Don’t hire an ad agency, who will charge an arm and a leg for this market research. NAM has the experience and expertise to gather organic feedback from students on campus at a fraction of the cost. Cut out the expensive middleman and go with the college marketing experts!  

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