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Youth Marketing Strategies: Exploiting the E-Sports Market, Part II

Youth Marketing: Exploiting the E-Sports Market image

Explore youth marketing strategies relating to e-sports. What are some more ways to implement student advertising in the video gaming community?

In the last installment I mentioned that the growing e-sports community constitutes an ideal vehicle for reaching college students during their free time and brought up a couple of potential youth marketing strategies centered on professional players. But there are also direct ways to advertise to college studentsvia video games.

Direct Youth Marketing Strategies Via Video Games

Gaming Events

E-sports events can be as big as those hosted by Major League Gaming (its Anaheim 2011 event was attended by over 20,000 fans, while Internet streams of the event were viewed by over 35 million people from 171 countries)[1] or as small as a student-organized college tournament, but they all afford student advertisingopportunities.

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Pop Culture Tie-Ins, Present

Utilizing pop culture references, both past and present, may be one good way for collegiate marketers to capture the attention of media-saturated youths.

Continuing from my previous blog, in which I briefly examined some possibilities for youth marketing campaigns to tie-in popular culture references from the target group’s childhood, I will now discuss the present-day opportunities afforded companies interested in college advertising.

Thanks to the proliferation of computers and other electronics, as well as the rapid advances in technological hardware, popular culture today is a bigger treasure trove for youth marketing companies than ever before. College students are plugged into one gadget or another seemingly all the time, and this means that information spreads literally at the speed of light. Videos, memes, and all manner of content can go from unknown to popular around the globe practically overnight.

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