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Marketing Health: Use On Campus Advertising to Promote Safer Smoking Alternatives

On Campus Advertising to Promote Safer Smoking Alternatives image

On campus advertising promoting safer smoking alternatives, such as e-cigarettes, can help reduce cigarette consumption among college students.

A significant portion of college students and young adults choose to smoke cigarettes regardless of the consequences. One of my friends in college was a prolific smoker; she referred to her cigarettes as cancer sticks and joked about the long term repercussions. Many college students, like my friend, are well aware of the health risks involved and “despite crusades and campaigns encouraging young people not to take up smoking, a third are currently using tobacco products”.[1] Solely stating facts and issuing warnings against the dangers of tobacco use will not dissuade college smokers to quit; a different method must be utilized when reaching college students.

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Pop Culture Tie-Ins, Present

Utilizing pop culture references, both past and present, may be one good way for collegiate marketers to capture the attention of media-saturated youths.

Continuing from my previous blog, in which I briefly examined some possibilities for youth marketing campaigns to tie-in popular culture references from the target group’s childhood, I will now discuss the present-day opportunities afforded companies interested in college advertising.

Thanks to the proliferation of computers and other electronics, as well as the rapid advances in technological hardware, popular culture today is a bigger treasure trove for youth marketing companies than ever before. College students are plugged into one gadget or another seemingly all the time, and this means that information spreads literally at the speed of light. Videos, memes, and all manner of content can go from unknown to popular around the globe practically overnight.

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