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Why Fitness Brands Should Advertise to College Students

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Why Fitness Brands Should Advertise to College Students?

College students are interested in leading healthy lifestyles and fitness brands can help them reach their goals and fuel their passions. Fitness brands should advertise to college students to develop brand loyalty and to set lifetime patterns in motion.

Opportunities abound for fitness brands looking to expand their college and youth consumer base.  Fitness brands should view college students as an ideal marketing segment for several reasons. First, they genuinely have an interest in fitness and health; unlike older demographics that oftentimes join gyms or alter their diets based on health-related problems or aging, college students and teens are pursuing healthy lifestyles on their own initiative. They’re taking proactive measures to improve their quality of life now.

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College Marketing: Why Target College Students?

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Why target college students? In some cases the obvious answer might be that the client’s product or service is tailored to them—but there are other reasons why this demographic should be in youth advertisers’ sights.

It’s important to examine the more complicated answers to this question in order to formulate effective college marketing strategies; especially since the demographic has changed so much over the last few decades. Undergraduate college education has become available to a wider population, creating both new opportunities and unprecedented problems.

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Pop Culture Tie-Ins, Past

Utilizing pop culture references, both past and present, may be one good way for collegiate marketers to capture the attention of media-saturated youths.

Immersed as people today—especially young people—are in various forms of entertainment media, which are themselves interlinked at an unprecedented level, it makes sense for companies wishing to reach college students to use popular culture as a youth marketing tool. In a two-part series, I will broadly examine the possibilities of integrating pop culture tie-ins, present and past, to such ad campaigns.

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