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Leveraging College Event Marketing

Leveraging College Event Marketing

Is your company considering ramping up efforts by marketing to the lucrative college student segment? If so, there are a number of opportunities that college marketing presents. Events are a great way of reaching a wide audience and have huge viral potential. The right approach to college event marketing could increase the rate of the event’s registration, and help with the follow-through from attendees after the event is over. There are a number of important elements to consider when planning a college event marketing strategy:

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How to Effectively Advertise to College Students

Want to find a cheap and easy way to reach college students? It’s easy let them advertise for you and create a viral word of mouth marketing campaign.

There are many different advertising strategies designed to target the college market, but one of the most effective ways to capture the youth market is by creating hype in a product. College students are constantly judging their peers and comparing themselves to one another. Oftentimes what is cool is defined by the number of people participating, displaying, or talking about a given product, thing, or event. No one wants to be the lone one not participating or the last in the know. So if you could get a few people to think your product is worth having, the desire for the commodity could spread to a larger percentage of the student body. The use of visual aids in addition to a viral word of mouth marketing strategy is a perfect way to market to college students.

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4 Recommendations for a College Viral Marketing Strategy

College Viral Marketing Strategy

Having an understanding of what drives college students’ NEED to communicate with their fellow students and peers will drive your college viral marketing campaign. Use student influencers to spread the word online and on campus.

College VIRAL Marketing continues to increase dramatically as more students become connected through social media outlets and use other forms of technology. When it comes to the 18-24 target demographic, this is even more apparent as students display a tremendous word of mouth capability, especially amongst peers and social influencers. Having the right students spread your message on campus and through social media, can make your campaign go viral.

Any on campus college marketing campaign must identify strategy to ignite traditional college advertising mediums and turn them from simple word of mouth campaigns into fast-paced viral campaigns using peer-to-peer student marketing .

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