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Potential Benefits of a College Marketing Strategy

Potential Benefits of a College Marketing Strategy

A Look at the Potential Benefits of a College Marketing Strategy

Companies need to thoroughly research their target demographic in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. If you understand your target consumer’s viewpoints and the way they think, you can do a better job of appealing to them. Using this knowledge, you can develop a college marketing strategy that focuses on their values and builds on their experience. Companies who appeal to college students can benefit in a number of ways. Of course, not all companies readily appeal to the college student demographic, but with research, creativity, and innovative marketing techniques you can gain attention with this lucrative target audience. When advertising to college students, you need a mutli-faceted strategy that is regularly measured and tweaked for optimum success.

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Marketing Spring Break Destinations to College Students

Marketing Spring Break Destinations to College Students image

With the spring semester right around the corner, it’s time for businesses that rely on tourism to begin thinking about ways of marketing spring break destinations to college students.

It might seem odd talking about spring break during the holiday season and during a time when a large portion of the US is experiencing frigid temperatures and stormy weather. However, after the winter break, college students will begin their spring semester and will begin thinking about their spring break destinations.

Spring break is a big deal to college students. It has become part of the college image and is seen as a rite of passage by many college students. College students look forward to spring break all semester. It’s a time to party with friends, unwind, and have fun and it comes during a time when students need a break from school, work, and everyday stresses.

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College Advertising Can Help Increase Support for Causes

College Advertising Can Help Increase Support for Causes

Marketing on college campuses can help your organization gain exposure and draw new supporters to your cause.

I often here college students say that they want to make a difference in the world, however, when asked how they would like to contribute, many are unsure. This is not because they are uninterested, but rather the ideas seem too monumental for one person to make a difference. They have been focusing on the issues abstractly and not thinking about ways in which to combat the problem or contribute to the cause.

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Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

College students value genuine companies; maintaining your public image when marketing to students is essential for success.

Let us face it, the youth care about image; from their appearance to their social media profiles, college students pay careful attention in constructing their image. When choosing clothing and accessories, they buy brands that help them cultivate their look. They constantly judge others around them and evaluate their image based on their peers. Facebook is a self promotional tool, just as much as it is a socializing tool.

Public image can impact college advertising campaigns. College students do not react kindly to deception, and they have no fear of challenging your company’s claims if they feel justified. Media Post published an article recently by Bob Garfield, Speak Not Of Love. In Fact, Just Shut Up, explaining the importance of public image: “this is the Relationship Era, characterized for keen public interest in the conduct of brands, not to mention supercharged WOM. In social media, hypocrisy is called out in a heartbeat.”

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The Most Effective Way to Use Facebook in College Marketing

Facebook college marketing | College Facebook advertising

Companies have relied of Facebook ads as a way to take advantage of this social media medium on college campuses but just because it is the ‘safest’ way to use Facebook doesn’t mean it’s the most effective.

Many large companies who embark on college marketing know they need to tie Facebook into their college marketing strategy which we certainly agree with, as Facebook is in very high demand among 18-22 year olds.  The question is how to effectively incorporate it.

Facebook offers traditional online ads similar to banners ads on the margin of the facebook platform.  Companies and agencies like this type of approach because it is familiar to them, they can gather (or at least they think they can gather) traditional type metrics to analyze and everyone will go on their merry way.  The problem is that college students (and most people in general) do not go on Facebook to look at ads; they are not interested in engaging with online ads and it’s just another example of students’ being bombarded with digital ads, while they are trying to enjoy an online experience.

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4 Recommendations for a College Viral Marketing Strategy

College Viral Marketing Strategy

Having an understanding of what drives college students’ NEED to communicate with their fellow students and peers will drive your college viral marketing campaign. Use student influencers to spread the word online and on campus.

College VIRAL Marketing continues to increase dramatically as more students become connected through social media outlets and use other forms of technology. When it comes to the 18-24 target demographic, this is even more apparent as students display a tremendous word of mouth capability, especially amongst peers and social influencers. Having the right students spread your message on campus and through social media, can make your campaign go viral.

Any on campus college marketing campaign must identify strategy to ignite traditional college advertising mediums and turn them from simple word of mouth campaigns into fast-paced viral campaigns using peer-to-peer student marketing .

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