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College Marketing: Reaching College Students by Marketing an Experience

College Marketing: Reaching College Students by Marketing an Experience

Show college students the value of your brand by marketing an experience and highlighting the connections they will form through that experience.

College students have minds of their own. They are spontaneous experimental individuals who are tech savvy and easily influenced by their peers. Given these characteristics, marketing to college students poses a serious challenge. They do not trust companies that push their brand too hard and they do not react well to being told what to do or how to think. They value their individuality and constantly seek to further explore who they are. Their experiences add meaning to their lives and help shape them as individuals.

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Experiential Marketing is Key to a Successful College Marketing Campaign

Experiential Marketing College Marketing

Experiential marketing is the most engaging type of college marketing most likely to leave an impression; it is key to lay out a well-defined strategy with the experiential element being the focal point.

There is no doubt that if you are putting together a comprehensive college marketing plan with an ample budget, you are looking for ways to add a college street team component so that brand ambassadors can engage students on campus.  The engagement can be as simple as handing out a branded sample product (i.e. flash drive, bottle opener keychain, etc.), having a student download an app or just a quick conversation explaining a promotion and the corresponding ‘call to action’.

What many companies and marketers tend to over look is a sound strategy leading up to the experiential/brand ambassador portion of the campaign.  I came across an interesting article posted on imediaconnection.com by Jennifer Floren that lays out very clear some good strategy points to consider as you plan to incorporate a college street team experiential initiative.

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