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College Marketing Tips for Automakers Part 2

College marketing tips for automakers part 2

Today’s youth pose a serious challenge to automakers. This article explores college marketing tips for automakers and discusses how the auto industry can appeal to college students.  

In my last blog, I wrote about three college marketing tips to help automakers successfully market to college students. In today’s blog, I would like to further explore college marketing tips for automakers and how auto brands can connect and engage with the college audience.

College Marketing Tips for Automakers

4. Automakers Should Inform and Engage When Marketing to College Students

Automakers inform and engage when marketing to college students

Today’s youth have grown up with the internet and feel very comfortable researching products and making purchases online. They love the convenience of shopping online and like how the whole process is on their terms. It’s a no-pressure environment that they are comfortable with.

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