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College Marketing Tips for Student Agents, Part II

College Marketing Tips for Student Agents, Part II

Based on my personal experience, I’d like to offer some college marketing tips for student agents involved in campus marketing and postering.

Although college marketing plans delegated to student agents may seem relatively simple—hang posters, distribute handouts, take surveys—I’ve employed a few strategies to make these tasks easier, more efficient, and less disruptive.

Handouts and Surveys

  • Concentrate on high-flow areas of campus for these forms of college marketing, preferably chokepoints. You want a good volume of people moving past: it gives you greater exposure even if they don’t stop and increases your potential pool of “stoppers.” Also, I’ve noticed that once you get a few people to stop, more will do so out of curiosity.
  • Be courteous and take no for an answer. Approach people politely and don’t persist overly much. A given student might be unable to stop due to time constraints.
  • Go for students in small groups. Usually, if one stops to engage with your college street team, they all will.
  • Also target people who make eye contact. If a student is walking by at top speed, with earphones in, staring at the ground, they’re probably not going to stop. But people who have already noticed you and show curiosity may well.
  • If possible, find places on campus where people congregate in waiting lines. If a bunch of students are standing around waiting, with nothing else to do, they don’t have any pressing reason to spurn your college marketing efforts. I had great success with this at certain periods when big lines form, like at the campus bank branch after financial aid distribution, around lunch time in dining areas, etc.
  • Be presentable and invested in the campaign. If you seem like you don’t want to be there, then you won’t be a good face for the college advertising campaign or the marketing company that hired you. You also won’t be as successful at attracting respondents.

Acting as a student agent for a college marketing company is an important task, and it helps to follow some general guidelines like the ones I’ve laid out above when engaging in these kinds of personal, interactive campaigns.

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