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Summer is a Great Time For a College Advertising Campaign

 Summer is a Great Time For a College Advertising Campaign

Summer advertising is a great way of reaching college students and incoming students, as colleges are less crowded and students have fewer distractions.

Summer, contrary to expectations, is an excellent time to begin a college advertising campaign. Though fewer students enroll in summer sessions, the number of students electing to attend summer classes is rapidly increasing. The summer mentality is quickly changing and colleges nationwide are adapting their programs to meet students’ needs. Dennis Nunes, head of the summer program at St. Cloud University, discusses this trend in behavior: “More students are using summer simply as another semester.”[1] Donna Shea, director of Boston University’s summer program, expresses a similar belief: “Education is a year-round activity . . . . It’s now part of the whole educational package. They’re not taking summers off as they used to do.”[2]

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