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The Myth of the Brand Ambassador in College Marketing

The Myth of the Brand Ambassador in College Marketing

Many companies believe that creating their own network of student brand ambassadors to work for them on campus is a quick and easy solution when it fact, a successful network requires a full time commitment and compensation.

Every now and then we come across companies who engage us in conversation about college marketing and how they can better utilize the college market for their business.  Initially in the consultation, I start to suggest various ways to incorporate my student brand ambassador network whether it is peer to peer marketing, dorm room marketing, social media connections etc. At this point, the company with whom I am speaking says something to the effect of, “Student brand ambassadors don’t work, we’ve tried them and they didn’t work.”  This always makes me cringe to some degree because the fact is that I have been utilizing student brand ambassadors on campus for almost 20 years in different ways to the success and benefit of my clients.  It’s also a fact that college students trust their friends versus any other type of media before making a decision of purchase.

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