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5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas that Work

Does your company want to reach the lucrative college consumer? Are you interested in exploring out-of-the-box ways of marketing to college students? Then this article is for you!

5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas and Why they Work:

Sticky Note Marketing On Campus

1. Sticky Note Marketing On Campus

Sticky note marketing is all about co-creation and engagement making it an effective college marketing strategy. Students love to express themselves and influence brands, and with sticky note marketing they can do just that! Brands can place questions around campus—on campus bulletin boards in high traffic locations—and students can fill in responses on sticky notes and place them under the questions. This creates a dialogue between students and brands, and builds brand awareness on campus.

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Sticky Note Marketing Promotes Co-Creation on Campus

When I was a college student at FSU, there was an art exhibit on campus that garnered a lot of attention. It was a confession booth where students would go and write their secrets anonymously. Later the artist would read the secrets and display them to the community in an effort to raise awareness about the inner struggles students face on campus and to show students they’re not alone. It’s very similar to Candy Chang’s interactive artist installation in Las Vegas.

This FSU art project attracted students’ attention on campus. People were curious about the confession booth and what it represented. Many students enjoyed participating and writing their secrets down, and both active participants and non-participants, found peoples’ stories and secrets fascinating and felt an emotional connection with their peers as a result.

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College and Metro Area Marketing: Get Bold with Print

Get Bold with Print: Sticky Note Marketing
Sticky Note Marketing Attracts Attention and Encourages Engagement

Think print advertising is dead? Think again. Print advertising, when used in innovative ways, can leave quite the impression and encourage meaningful engagement. From billboards to magazine ads, there are a lot of different print ads out there, vying for people’s attention. One way to stand out among the clutter is to use ad mediums that aren’t commonly used; this will attract notice and draw attention to your brand.

1.     Make a Statement with Wild Postings

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