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Sports Events Magazine’s Interview with NAM Youth Marketing

Attracting Millennials to Sports Events

NAM Youth Marketing was featured in an article recently by Sports Events Magazine—a magazine dedicated to helping planners of sporting events and competitions become more successful. Here’s an excerpt of the questions I was asked for the article with my responses:

1. What are the major challenges of getting millennials’ attention?

Technology plays a significant role in millennials’ lives and causes their values to rapidly change. For instance, smartphones and social networking allow millennials to connect with friends without leaving home. This challenges industries that historically relied on more-active participation. These businesses must now reimagine how to capture the attention of increasingly distracted and electronically connected youths.

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How to Use College Sporting Events in College Marketing: Part I

How to Use College Sporting Events in College Marketing Part I small

College sporting events are a huge part of college students’ lives and therefore should be taken advantage of when advertising to college students.

Let’s face it, college sports teams are a huge factor on college campuses. Schools are known for their success in a given sport. Gator Nation is a catchphrase used around the country, signifying that everywhere around the nation there are fans cheering on the Gators (University of Florida) and that’s not the only college team with such a following. Let’s consider the following:

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