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Sports Events Magazine’s Interview with NAM Youth Marketing

Attracting Millennials to Sports Events

NAM Youth Marketing was featured in an article recently by Sports Events Magazine—a magazine dedicated to helping planners of sporting events and competitions become more successful. Here’s an excerpt of the questions I was asked for the article with my responses:

1. What are the major challenges of getting millennials’ attention?

Technology plays a significant role in millennials’ lives and causes their values to rapidly change. For instance, smartphones and social networking allow millennials to connect with friends without leaving home. This challenges industries that historically relied on more-active participation. These businesses must now reimagine how to capture the attention of increasingly distracted and electronically connected youths.

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Use College Marketing to Reach College Students Where they Play

Reach College Students at Sporting Events

College marketing gives brands the opportunity to reach college students where they study, live, work, and play. Promote your brand at high-traffic events where college students go for entertainment, such as sporting events, fraternity and sorority gatherings, and music festivals.

Use College Marketing to Reach College Students Where they Play

advertise to students at football games Use College Marketing to Reach College Students Where they Play

  1. Reach College Students at Sporting Events

Everyone knows that college sports play a prominent role in college students’ lives. In fact, some people decide where to go to college based on the school’s sports team. A student at Ohio State University says in the New York Times article, How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life, “It’s not something I usually admit to, that I applied to Ohio State 60 percent for the sports. But the more I do tell that to people, they’ll say it’s a big reason why they came, too.” This kind of loyalty and fandom only increases when they become students and are officially a part of the school community.

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Capitalizing on College Sports

Youth Marketing Capitalizing on College Sports

It’s no secret that college athletics equals big money—the Texas Longhorns took in over $150 million in the 2010-11 season—[1]and youth marketing should glom onto this by capitalizing on college sports.

College sports programs, especially football teams, bring in huge amounts of cash and inspire great loyalties and rivalries—in some regions, college football fans seem more like fanatics. And wherever passions run high, college marketing is given good leverage. By tailoring advertising strategies to reference and capitalize on preexisting regional sports loyalties and emotions, youth advertisers stand to easily capture students’ attention.

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