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5 Important Tips to Remember When Advertising to College Students

Advertising to College Students image

Utilize these 5 tips when advertising to college students for a successful college advertising campaign.

  1. Know the Demographic. This can be highly challenging because the youth and collegiate markets are constantly evolving with the input of new technology and media influences. Something that was popular and hip six months ago may no longer be in. So it is important when advertising to college students to make sure your ad is up to date.
  2. Utilize Smartphone Technology. Teenagers and college students use their cell phones more than any other demographic. It is important to remember this when advertising to college students.  Millennials want the option of using their smartphones to receive mobile coupons and text message advertising from stores. They also want to use their smartphones as a way to scan QR codes and barcodes, as well as a way to look up reviews of your company and product. Try to utilize smartphone technology in your next college advertising campaign.
  3. Use Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites. According to Digital Buzz Blog, “48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed. . . .The core 18-24 year old segment is now growing the fastest at 74% year on year.” These statistics show how essential it is to use Facebook as a way of advertising to college students.
  4. Provide an Incentive. College students are more likely to try your product or visit your establishment if there is an incentive to do so. College students like to feel like they’re getting a good deal. Possible incentives include: providing coupons, having a discount day for college students, holding a contest, distributing product samples, or offering a free trial of your product or service.
  5. Create an Eye-catching Ad Focused on Them. College students will be more receptive to an ad if it is specifically created for their demographic. They’ll be more responsive to an ad picturing college students versus an ad picturing middle-aged adults. Keep the ad simple and to the point. It is better to be eye-catching and bold, than lengthy and obtuse.

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College Advertising: Attract Attention by Personalizing your Ad

Attract Attention by Personalizing Your Ad image

When developing a college advertising campaign, make sure to provide students with  a personalized brand experience by personalizing your ad. The youth value brands that resonate with them. 

Ad specificity is extremely important when targeting the youth. Trends can fall in and out of fashion in a matter of months. Knowing what is cool and marketing that image in your college advertising campaign can be very influential among this impressionable demographic. Cultivating and maintaining a hip image is very important to college students and teens. Why do you think so many young people actively post and upload selective photos of themselves on social networking sites? They are constructing a profile of themselves that they want the world to see–an image that shows they’re fun, attractive, stylish, trendy, and an all-around fashionable person.

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Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

College students value genuine companies; maintaining your public image when marketing to students is essential for success.

Let us face it, the youth care about image; from their appearance to their social media profiles, college students pay careful attention in constructing their image. When choosing clothing and accessories, they buy brands that help them cultivate their look. They constantly judge others around them and evaluate their image based on their peers. Facebook is a self promotional tool, just as much as it is a socializing tool.

Public image can impact college advertising campaigns. College students do not react kindly to deception, and they have no fear of challenging your company’s claims if they feel justified. Media Post published an article recently by Bob Garfield, Speak Not Of Love. In Fact, Just Shut Up, explaining the importance of public image: “this is the Relationship Era, characterized for keen public interest in the conduct of brands, not to mention supercharged WOM. In social media, hypocrisy is called out in a heartbeat.”

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