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How to Effectively Use Social Media in College Marketing to Convert Users

social media in college marketing

Many companies take to the college market with the intent of converting students into users of their product but have the wrong approach when it comes to social media.

With the onset of social media and other digital technologies, many companies are popping up that offer similar opportunities in terms of social media and digital technology that require college students to sign up similar to how one would sign up for Facebook or Twitter. With the objective to ‘convert’ college students by filling out a brief online form, this type of college marketing is much more than just branding or product sampling.

This approach requires students to not only take the time to fill out an online profile, but with the saturation of this type of product in the marketplace right now, many college students have simply had enough with the numerous usernames and passwords they now have for a variety of programs. This adds to the challenge of getting college students to convert to these types of products.

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Facebook vs. GM is basically Traditional Media vs. Social Media in College Marketing

Social Media in College Marketing

The GM and Facebook advertising saga is an interesting chapter in college marketing but also foreshadows the relationship between advertisers and consumers in college marketing as well as the mainstream.

The latest news on GM and Facebook is a microchosm of social media versus traditional media.  This particular case is interesting because GM also happens to be one of the biggest spenders in college marketing and being a fairly old company, comes from the camp still thinking in terms of traditional advertising and metrics.

I must admit that I have been telling clients for some time that Facebook ads, relative to college marketing, were a waste and simply not effective as they are contrary to the Facebook user experience.  College students go on Facebook to connect with friends and ads really get in the way.   Now we have GM coming out and basically saying the same thing…or so we thought.  Ad Age published a recent article by Cotton Delo, Big Spenders Push Ad Line, But Facebook Holds Ground, which brought to light an interesting dynamic,

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