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College Advertising: The Importance of Reaching College Students During Orientation

The Importance of Reaching College Students During Orientation

Transitional periods make great marketing opportunities. Reaching college students during orientation is a great time for brands to connect with the youth.

Given the problems Millennials face today—the tough economy, increasing student loan debt, and high unemployment rates among college graduates—marketers might overlook this highly influential market, thinking that they do not have significant buying power. Sandra Lopez, Intel Marketing Strategy Director for New Business, in a recent interview quickly dispelled this notion:

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Engage Students with Skiing Opportunities Using College Marketing

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In order to successfully reach college students, ski areas need to penetrate students’ space. Use college marketing to engage students with skiing opportunities.

Why Ski Resorts Should Engage Students With Skiing Opportunities

The youth and college demographics represent key segments of the ski industry. Capturing this audience can not only expand clientele, but can translate into lifetime customers. The earlier you get people skiing, the earlier skiing habits will develop; it will become a way of life, not just a onetime venture. If you can connect with this elusive group and get them pumped up about skiing and the slopes, they will share their excitement with others.

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Word of Mouth Viral Marketing Effectively Works in College Marketing

Word of Mouth Viral Marketing Effectively Works in College Marketing

College students are highly receptive to word of mouth viral marketing, especially when it’s communicated face-to-face versus online or in other formats.

Even though college students and teens prefer communicating through technology, such as smartphones and social media outlets, face-to-face interaction still plays a significant role in influencing them in consumer purchases. Reaching college students utilizing word of mouth viral marketing is crucial when trying to capture the youth market. This college marketing technique appeals to them for a variety of psychological factors, including trust and impressionability.

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