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Use Sampling to Test Consumer Reactions to New Products

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Use sampling campaigns to engage prospective clients and test consumer reactions to new products.

Test Consumer Reactions to New Products

It’s important to test consumer reactions to new products before releasing them into the mainstream. With sampling campaigns, brands have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the consumer mindset—to engage with prospective clients and to listen to what they have to say. Sampling campaigns should generate interest and build excitement with consumers, as well as solicit advice, feedback, and opinions from potential customers. It’s a time to let consumer voices shine.

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College Event Marketing: Reaching College Students on Their Terms

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Consider college event marketing when advertising to students. Though technology plays an essential role in college students lives, it may not be the best method for reaching college students  as they prefer event marketing and sampling promotions over digital ads.   

College Students Relationship with Technology

It’s widely known that college students and the youth are hooked on technology. On any given day, you can walk around college campuses nationwide and see students engaged with multiple tech gadgets. According to a recent study conducted by re:fuel, college students own “an average of 6.9 gadgets per student”.[1] This is not surprising given how interconnected our society is becoming with technology.

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Coffee and Pizza Thing of the Past in College Marketing

Coffee and Pizza Thing of the Past in College Marketing

It’s essential to offer students something of real value when utilizing college brand ambassadors in sampling and P2P marketing as times have changed and it’s important to change with them.

Many companies see the value of utilizing college brand ambassadors and college street teams to engage college students on campus through different types of product sampling.  When a college brand ambassador engages a college student, the goal is to get them to stop and receive an ‘item’ which usually obligates them to give up 10/15 seconds of their time.  This is the opportunity for college brand ambassadors to deliver your companies message and get the student interested through an opportunity/incentive.

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