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Using Nostalgia to Reach Millennials

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Using nostalgia to reach millennials is an effective youth marketing strategy as it relies on storytelling marketing and allows millennials to reminisce about their childhood.

In Pop Cultures Tie-Ins, Past, I discussed the media’s use of past pop culture artifacts to engage millennials and how marketers can use past pop cultural icons to evoke feelings reminiscent of childhood. In this blog, I will explore the importance of using nostalgia to reach millennials and the marketing benefits associated with this youth marketing tactic.

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Off-Campus Experiential Marketing: 7 Music festivals to Target When Reaching Millennials

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Reaching Millennials Through Off-Campus Experiential Marketing

Reaching Millennials Through Off-Campus Experiential Marketing

Millennials love to push boundaries and experience new things, making experiential marketing a highly effective college marketing approach. Millennials can’t stand to miss out on the latest gossip or news, and they desperately want to be included in events their peers are partaking in. That’s why they spend a great deal of time on Facebook despite their frustrations with it. Event marketing plays on this mentality—the desire to be a part of the action—while creating fun experiences and quality interactions.

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