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Encourage App Downloads with College Marketing

Encourage App Downloads with College Marketing

Use highly-networked brand ambassadors to promote your app on social media channels and encourage app downloads with college marketing.

In my last blog post, I explored ways app developers can use college marketing to increase app downloads on college campuses. In this blog post, I will explore ways to encourage app downloads with college marketing from an online and social media perspective, using key influencers.

Social media marketing is a great way to reach college students online. But, unlike banner ads and paid advertising, you must develop a social media marketing strategy that will influence, engage, and encourage students to download your app. This can be achieved by using highly-connected student brand ambassadors to engage with their peers, professors, targeted groups, and page administrators to effectively promote your app to interested groups and individuals.

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Paper Advertising—Posters vs. Handouts, Part II

College Advertising Handouts Paper Advertising

On-campus paper advertising typically employs posters, handouts, or a combination thereof. While ideal coverage would dictate the use of both methods, a choice between the two must sometimes be made; I’ll weigh the relative merits of each.

In part one of this series I made a case for paper advertising being an integral part of a college marketing portfolio and explored some of the benefits of distributing campus posters. Here I’ll do a similar analysis of handouts.

For my purposes here, handouts include any kind of paper advertisement that is given out to students in person, preferably by a college street team. The actual advertisement could be a coupon, a promotional pamphlet, or even just a smaller, briefer version of a poster if combined with that college advertising solution. Printing a QR code on the handout is also a good idea.

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Why Your Business Needs to Implement a Mobile Site for College Marketing Campaigns

Implement a Mobile Site for College Marketing Campaigns

Mobile phone use is on the rise across multiple demographics including college students which is why your websites must fit the trend to maximize your college marketing plan.

I don’t think anyone can argue with the notion that smartphone usage is up and with more sophisticated smartphones coming out every year, the trend seems to indicate that more people will be smartphone users in the years to come as they turn in their old phones and acquire new ones.  The college market is no different in terms of smartphone usage trending upward and considering the college demographic, 18-22 year olds, is particularly tech savvy, I believe it’s a safe bet to make that assumption.

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2 Things You Need to Know About Facebook College Marketing


Studies show that college students are apt to ‘unfriend’ and disengage companies who appear to be ‘selling’ to them on Facebook, rather than engaging with them. Marketers must use tact in pursuing Facebook college marketing.

Facebook is one of the most highly trafficked social media platforms among college students making it an almost essential part of any college marketing strategy. The way companies and brands go about this process is what really can separate the winners from the losers in brand engagement among college students and ultimately return on investment.

In a recent survey conducted by Nielsen, studies show that 39% of college students ‘unfriend’ because a brand is over-stepping their bounds in trying to sell them something. See below for the main culprits resulting in an ‘unfriending’:

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