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Make an Impact with Cause Marketing

College Marketing Make an Impact with Cause Marketing

In today’s technological age, where information can be shared around the world in a matter of minutes, companies face higher and higher consumer expectations and if these demands aren’t met it can have major ramifications. A recent Media Post article, Marketing: Causes: Tapping the Power of Impact Thinking, highlights just how important cause marketing and public image can have on a company:

Recent research shows an overwhelming majority of people globally — 94% — believe companies must do more than just make money. A full 60% say companies should advocate for change and evolve the way they operate. And consumers aren’t just talking: 55% report they’ve refused to buy products in the past year because companies behaved irresponsibly.

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Boost Your Public Image by Entertaining College Students

College Advertising Boost Your Public Image by Entertaining College Students

Help your community and grow your business by providing safe entertainment options for college students. Doing so will boost your public image and raise awareness.

College students, especially those leaving home for the first time, have a huge inclination to party and experiment with drugs and alcohol. They no longer have a curfew and their parent’s watchful eye to keep them in check. It has become a societal expectation that part of the college experience is to party, so there is a huge pressure—from upper class, fellow peers, and the media—to do just that.

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Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

College students value genuine companies; maintaining your public image when marketing to students is essential for success.

Let us face it, the youth care about image; from their appearance to their social media profiles, college students pay careful attention in constructing their image. When choosing clothing and accessories, they buy brands that help them cultivate their look. They constantly judge others around them and evaluate their image based on their peers. Facebook is a self promotional tool, just as much as it is a socializing tool.

Public image can impact college advertising campaigns. College students do not react kindly to deception, and they have no fear of challenging your company’s claims if they feel justified. Media Post published an article recently by Bob Garfield, Speak Not Of Love. In Fact, Just Shut Up, explaining the importance of public image: “this is the Relationship Era, characterized for keen public interest in the conduct of brands, not to mention supercharged WOM. In social media, hypocrisy is called out in a heartbeat.”

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