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Paper Advertising—Posters vs. Handouts, Part II

College Advertising Handouts Paper Advertising

On-campus paper advertising typically employs posters, handouts, or a combination thereof. While ideal coverage would dictate the use of both methods, a choice between the two must sometimes be made; I’ll weigh the relative merits of each.

In part one of this series I made a case for paper advertising being an integral part of a college marketing portfolio and explored some of the benefits of distributing campus posters. Here I’ll do a similar analysis of handouts.

For my purposes here, handouts include any kind of paper advertisement that is given out to students in person, preferably by a college street team. The actual advertisement could be a coupon, a promotional pamphlet, or even just a smaller, briefer version of a poster if combined with that college advertising solution. Printing a QR code on the handout is also a good idea.

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