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Using P2P Marketing to Generate Leads

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Break college advertising barriers with P2P marketing. College students value P2P recommendations and are more willing to listen to a peer promoting a company, than to a brand promoting itself.

Start Conversations With P2P Marketing

P2P marketing is excellent way to start conversations with college students and foster brand interest. Colleges are tight-knit communities and students who attend them take pride in their university and share a common bond with other attendees. Every college has a language of its own, from college football chants to unique traditions, and these shared experiences bring students together.

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Youth Marketing Strategies: Exploiting the E-Sports Market, Part II

Youth Marketing: Exploiting the E-Sports Market image

Explore youth marketing strategies relating to e-sports. What are some more ways to implement student advertising in the video gaming community?

In the last installment I mentioned that the growing e-sports community constitutes an ideal vehicle for reaching college students during their free time and brought up a couple of potential youth marketing strategies centered on professional players. But there are also direct ways to advertise to college studentsvia video games.

Direct Youth Marketing Strategies Via Video Games

Gaming Events

E-sports events can be as big as those hosted by Major League Gaming (its Anaheim 2011 event was attended by over 20,000 fans, while Internet streams of the event were viewed by over 35 million people from 171 countries)[1] or as small as a student-organized college tournament, but they all afford student advertisingopportunities.

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How Medical Schools Abroad Can Use College Advertising to Recruit Students: Part 3

How Medical Schools Abroad Can Use College Advertising to Recruit Students

P2P marketing techniques are the single most effective way of reaching college students. By utilizing face-to-face marketing you will greatly enhance your college recruiting efforts.

In “How Medical Schools Abroad Can Use College Advertising to Recruit Students: Part 1 I demonstrated the necessity of raising awareness as the first part of your college recruitment strategy. In “How Medical Schools Abroad Can Use College Advertising to Recruit Students: Part 2 I discussed students’ main fears and apprehensions when it comes to attending a medical university abroad and how medical colleges should address these concerns to build credibility among students. In this blog I will explore different ways to connect with students, fostering engagement and fueling interest.

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College Advertising: Reaching College Students Through Cause Marketing

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Marketing to college students using cause marketing techniques requires transparency and authenticity.

College students learn about societal problems daily in class. They learn about the challenges facing the public education system, the increase of childhood obesity, the threat of global warming, the effects of the economic recession, and many other social issues, from education to discrimination, gender issues to environmental issues.

When I was in college, I took an honors science seminar class in which we read The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollen. I learned about various farming practices and the effects monoculture has on crop biodiversity. Reading this book made me more aware of what I was eating and how my choices impacted the environment, as well as my health. This was just one class, out of many, that made me analyze my actions and influenced my decisions.

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The Importance of Reaching Incoming Students With College Advertising

The Importance of Reaching Incoming Students With College Advertising

Reaching incoming students with college advertising is essential when trying to build a solid customer base, as they’re willing and active participants in college marketing.

College students represent a large proportion of 18-24 years old and this demographic has steadily increased in recent years. More high school graduates are choosing to go to college. So if your target audience is the youth market, it’s a no-brainer to advertise on college campuses.

Advertising is all about timing and focus. One of the groups most susceptible and welcoming of advertising are incoming college students. For the first time they’re living on their own. Many have to furnish and set up their apartment, buy school supplies, and navigate in a new environment. They also want to explore places to eat and drink, as well as different entertainment venues around campus. These students have new found freedom and are eager to establish themselves.

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Coffee and Pizza Thing of the Past in College Marketing

Coffee and Pizza Thing of the Past in College Marketing

It’s essential to offer students something of real value when utilizing college brand ambassadors in sampling and P2P marketing as times have changed and it’s important to change with them.

Many companies see the value of utilizing college brand ambassadors and college street teams to engage college students on campus through different types of product sampling.  When a college brand ambassador engages a college student, the goal is to get them to stop and receive an ‘item’ which usually obligates them to give up 10/15 seconds of their time.  This is the opportunity for college brand ambassadors to deliver your companies message and get the student interested through an opportunity/incentive.

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