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College Advertising: Attract Attention by Personalizing your Ad

Attract Attention by Personalizing Your Ad image

When developing a college advertising campaign, make sure to provide students with  a personalized brand experience by personalizing your ad. The youth value brands that resonate with them. 

Ad specificity is extremely important when targeting the youth. Trends can fall in and out of fashion in a matter of months. Knowing what is cool and marketing that image in your college advertising campaign can be very influential among this impressionable demographic. Cultivating and maintaining a hip image is very important to college students and teens. Why do you think so many young people actively post and upload selective photos of themselves on social networking sites? They are constructing a profile of themselves that they want the world to see–an image that shows they’re fun, attractive, stylish, trendy, and an all-around fashionable person.

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Subleasing Apartments

Subleasing Apartments On Campus Advertising

It’s about this time of year when college students break into a frenzy about subleasing their apartments for the summer. Whether it is a summer job or classes at a different University, many college students run into the same problem: The inability to sublease their apartment.

As a student facing that exact problem, I wonder if on-campus advertising and word of mouth viral marketing would help, but then recall the past month where these two strategies were unsuccessful. Through Facebook and other social media outlets, it is easy to see others facing similar problems.

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Welcome To The NAMOOH Website

NAMOOH is proud to kick off 2012 with our brand new website.

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