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Candy Companies Reaching College Students

Candy Companies Reaching College Students
Candy companies reaching college students using nostalgia marketing, peer-to-peer marketing, and sampling campaigns will increase brand awareness and drive brand-consumer engagement. 

The holiday season is a big time for candy and chocolate companies. After all, what would Halloween be like without trick-or-treaters, Christmas without fudge and candy canes, and Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Links between candy and holidays are forever ingrained in the consumer mindset; they have become part of the national consciousness, incorporated into holiday celebrations, and integrated into family traditions.

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Using Nostalgia to Reach Millennials

Using Nostalgia to Reach Millennials image

Using nostalgia to reach millennials is an effective youth marketing strategy as it relies on storytelling marketing and allows millennials to reminisce about their childhood.

In Pop Cultures Tie-Ins, Past, I discussed the media’s use of past pop culture artifacts to engage millennials and how marketers can use past pop cultural icons to evoke feelings reminiscent of childhood. In this blog, I will explore the importance of using nostalgia to reach millennials and the marketing benefits associated with this youth marketing tactic.

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Pop Culture Tie-Ins, Past

Utilizing pop culture references, both past and present, may be one good way for collegiate marketers to capture the attention of media-saturated youths.

Immersed as people today—especially young people—are in various forms of entertainment media, which are themselves interlinked at an unprecedented level, it makes sense for companies wishing to reach college students to use popular culture as a youth marketing tool. In a two-part series, I will broadly examine the possibilities of integrating pop culture tie-ins, present and past, to such ad campaigns.

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