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College Marketing Tips for Automakers Part 1

College Marketing Tips for Automakers

Today’s youth pose a serious challenge to automakers. This article explores college marketing tips for automakers and discusses how the auto industry can appeal to college students.  

College Marketing Tips for Automakers

  1. Be Honest and Transparent When Marketing to College Students

Quote Austin Salinas Ford Dealership Manager

A major challenge automakers face when advertising to students is establishing trust. College students distrust traditional advertising and brand messaging. Steve Martin, Co-Creative Partner at Firefly Creative Company, expresses his concerns with marketing to millennials (college students are a subset of millennials): “They think marketing is lying. They don’t believe something just because it’s in the newspaper or on the internet. They’re very skeptical, therefore it’s important for a brand to be authentic or genuine.”

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Social Media Marketing: Personal Connections Matter When Marketing to the Youth

Personal Connections Matter When Marketing to the Youth image

Personal connections matter when marketing to the youth. Use personal connections to actively engage the youth on social media.

There’s no denying that teenagers and college students spend a great deal of time online and that marketers need to advertise digitally. Marketers know that a large portion of the time the youth spend online is spent on social media networks.

Most businesses think that a strong social media marketing strategy requires a combination of banner ads and branded accounts that engage the online community. While it is important to have branded social media accounts with active followers, banner ads do little for businesses.

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Marketing to the Youth Using Co-Creation Strategies

Marketing to the Youth Using Co-Creation Strategies
Marketing to the youth using co-creation strategies is one way to increase consumer engagement among the youth demographic.  

Co-creation marketing allows consumers to contribute new content that shapes brand identity in conjunction with brand generated content. This can be hair raising for brands, as they’re relinquishing some of their control to their consumers. However, co-creation will happen whether a brand officially encourages it or not and those brands that choose to embrace co-creation marketing techniques will reap the rewards, especially when marketing to the youth.

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College Advertising: Attract Attention by Personalizing your Ad

Attract Attention by Personalizing Your Ad image

When developing a college advertising campaign, make sure to provide students with  a personalized brand experience by personalizing your ad. The youth value brands that resonate with them. 

Ad specificity is extremely important when targeting the youth. Trends can fall in and out of fashion in a matter of months. Knowing what is cool and marketing that image in your college advertising campaign can be very influential among this impressionable demographic. Cultivating and maintaining a hip image is very important to college students and teens. Why do you think so many young people actively post and upload selective photos of themselves on social networking sites? They are constructing a profile of themselves that they want the world to see–an image that shows they’re fun, attractive, stylish, trendy, and an all-around fashionable person.

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