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Social Media Isn’t the Only College Marketing Option

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Explore effective ways to market to college students that don’t involve social media. See if these college marketing options are right for your brand!

If you visit a college campus, you will notice the majority of college students have their phones in hand or within reach, and many will have laptops and/or tablets out as well. College students are constantly connected; however, that doesn’t mean that social media marketing and online advertising is the only way to reach the college crowd.

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How to Effectively Advertise to College Students

Want to find a cheap and easy way to reach college students? It’s easy let them advertise for you and create a viral word of mouth marketing campaign.

There are many different advertising strategies designed to target the college market, but one of the most effective ways to capture the youth market is by creating hype in a product. College students are constantly judging their peers and comparing themselves to one another. Oftentimes what is cool is defined by the number of people participating, displaying, or talking about a given product, thing, or event. No one wants to be the lone one not participating or the last in the know. So if you could get a few people to think your product is worth having, the desire for the commodity could spread to a larger percentage of the student body. The use of visual aids in addition to a viral word of mouth marketing strategy is a perfect way to market to college students.

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