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The Psychology of QR Code Advertising in College Marketing

The Psychology of QR Code Advertising in College Marketing

QR code advertising is more than just an amped-up barcode for conveying complex information—its psychological connotations may be just as important as its utility.

The use of QR Codes—matrix barcodes with a large storage capacity compared to normal barcodes—in advertising has taken off because “it provides quick and effortless access to the brand’s website” when scanned with a smart phone. But don’t think the power of this marketing tool revolves only around convenience; deeper psychological factors are at play here too. I’d like to examine them through a college advertising lens.

Now there’s no doubt that a certain premium is placed on convenience and time-saving measures, especially in the youth market. If college students can simply scan a QR Code and reach the client’s Web site, so much the better. That saves them the effort of opening the browser on their phone and typing in a URL, which isn’t insignificant.

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How Facebook Sponsored Posts Will Play in College Marketing

How Facebook Sponsored Posts Will Play in College Marketing

Facebook is offering a new way to advertise on the social network but in the end, the impact and ROI will leave advertisers flat in the college market. Learn how Facebook sponsored posts will play in college marketing.

When Facebook first began to catch on and then subsequently caught fire, many wondered how this would impact college marketing and how Facebook could best be utilized as an advertising vehicle among college students.  Fast forward to several years later and many companies are still left wondering how to incorporate Facebook into their college marketing plan in reaching college students.  Through my experience (and the experience of GM) the traditional Facebook ‘sponsored ads’ has left something to be desired among advertisers.  Many Facebook users, college students included, have no interest in exploring advertising options on Facebook while using the social network.

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Facebook vs. GM is basically Traditional Media vs. Social Media in College Marketing

Social Media in College Marketing

The GM and Facebook advertising saga is an interesting chapter in college marketing but also foreshadows the relationship between advertisers and consumers in college marketing as well as the mainstream.

The latest news on GM and Facebook is a microchosm of social media versus traditional media.  This particular case is interesting because GM also happens to be one of the biggest spenders in college marketing and being a fairly old company, comes from the camp still thinking in terms of traditional advertising and metrics.

I must admit that I have been telling clients for some time that Facebook ads, relative to college marketing, were a waste and simply not effective as they are contrary to the Facebook user experience.  College students go on Facebook to connect with friends and ads really get in the way.   Now we have GM coming out and basically saying the same thing…or so we thought.  Ad Age published a recent article by Cotton Delo, Big Spenders Push Ad Line, But Facebook Holds Ground, which brought to light an interesting dynamic,

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Popeyes ‘Rip’n Chik’n’ Plug-in Campaign Perfect for College Marketing

use college marketing to promote downloads on campus

Popeyes Chicken has rereleased a unique Online Plug-in campaign that would hit a homerun with a college marketing element if introduced properly to college students. Learn how to use college marketing to promote downloads.

I recently read an article published on MediaPost by Tyler Loechner, Popeyes Re-releas’n “Rip’n Chick’n” With Interactive Plug-In, which details a new digital ‘Plug-in’ application as described below:

Users go to the landing page to get the plug-in. From there, they can drag a button onto their bookmark bar — for free — and begin browsing Web sites normally. If the user wants to “rip” the site they are on, all they have to do is press the button on their bookmark bar, and every “-ing” on their current page will be replaced with an ‘n.

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Authenticity is Key in College Marketing

Authenticity is Key in College Marketing

Reaching college students on campus is all about being creative and true to your brand and not presenting yourself as something you are not. Authenticity is key in college marketing.

College students are a savvy group attuned to trends ranging from technology and social media to the clothing and entertainment; they are no different when it comes to marketing messages and brand distinction.  College students, generally speaking, are cynical toward ‘Corporate America’ and often times are quick to critique as brands try to court them as consumers.

In Sharalyn Hartwell’s recent article, Above All Else, Be Authentic, published by MediaPost, she makes some good points to brands planning a college marketing strategy from a branding and messaging standpoint.  She says:

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The Myth of the Brand Ambassador in College Marketing

The Myth of the Brand Ambassador in College Marketing

Many companies believe that creating their own network of student brand ambassadors to work for them on campus is a quick and easy solution when it fact, a successful network requires a full time commitment and compensation.

Every now and then we come across companies who engage us in conversation about college marketing and how they can better utilize the college market for their business.  Initially in the consultation, I start to suggest various ways to incorporate my student brand ambassador network whether it is peer to peer marketing, dorm room marketing, social media connections etc. At this point, the company with whom I am speaking says something to the effect of, “Student brand ambassadors don’t work, we’ve tried them and they didn’t work.”  This always makes me cringe to some degree because the fact is that I have been utilizing student brand ambassadors on campus for almost 20 years in different ways to the success and benefit of my clients.  It’s also a fact that college students trust their friends versus any other type of media before making a decision of purchase.

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How To Catch A Young Voter through College Marketing

How to Catch a Young Voter Through College Marketing

Although in high usage among college students, social media is only one avenue to utilize in reaching college students on campus. Learn how to catch a young voter through college marketing.

Scarborough Research indicates that:

young voters: (American Adults 18-24 who say they are registered to vote in their district of their residence) account for 10% of all self-identified registered voters. These Young Voters are much more social media savvy, more evenly spread across the political spectrum and more racially and ethnically diverse than all self-identified registered voters. Young people across the country are looking forward to having their voices heard and their votes counted. According to the study, 72% of Young Voters have used social media via the internet in the past 30 days, compared with 45% of all registered voters during the same time period.

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Word of Mouth Is the Best Ad for College Marketing

word of mouth advertising college marketing

Word of mouth advertising can be the most effective marketing vehicle for your college marketing campaign as well as your brand. Learn why word of mouth advertising is the best ad for college marketing.

Understanding how to create the right environment for a strong viral, word of mouth marketing campaign can be analyzed and broken down in the following ways.  A recent Businessweek article, Pro: Consumers Trust Their Friends by Shawn P. O’Connor, a strong case is made regarding the effectiveness and necessity through it’s thesis: 

“…Research clearly demonstrates that word of mouth – product or service recommendations made by friends, co-workers, or neighbors you know and trust – is still the most effective way to win new customers.”

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The Most Effective Way to Use Facebook in College Marketing

Facebook college marketing | College Facebook advertising

Companies have relied of Facebook ads as a way to take advantage of this social media medium on college campuses but just because it is the ‘safest’ way to use Facebook doesn’t mean it’s the most effective.

Many large companies who embark on college marketing know they need to tie Facebook into their college marketing strategy which we certainly agree with, as Facebook is in very high demand among 18-22 year olds.  The question is how to effectively incorporate it.

Facebook offers traditional online ads similar to banners ads on the margin of the facebook platform.  Companies and agencies like this type of approach because it is familiar to them, they can gather (or at least they think they can gather) traditional type metrics to analyze and everyone will go on their merry way.  The problem is that college students (and most people in general) do not go on Facebook to look at ads; they are not interested in engaging with online ads and it’s just another example of students’ being bombarded with digital ads, while they are trying to enjoy an online experience.

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Experiential Marketing is Key to a Successful College Marketing Campaign

Experiential Marketing College Marketing

Experiential marketing is the most engaging type of college marketing most likely to leave an impression; it is key to lay out a well-defined strategy with the experiential element being the focal point.

There is no doubt that if you are putting together a comprehensive college marketing plan with an ample budget, you are looking for ways to add a college street team component so that brand ambassadors can engage students on campus.  The engagement can be as simple as handing out a branded sample product (i.e. flash drive, bottle opener keychain, etc.), having a student download an app or just a quick conversation explaining a promotion and the corresponding ‘call to action’.

What many companies and marketers tend to over look is a sound strategy leading up to the experiential/brand ambassador portion of the campaign.  I came across an interesting article posted on imediaconnection.com by Jennifer Floren that lays out very clear some good strategy points to consider as you plan to incorporate a college street team experiential initiative.

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