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5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas that Work

Does your company want to reach the lucrative college consumer? Are you interested in exploring out-of-the-box ways of marketing to college students? Then this article is for you!

5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas and Why they Work:

Sticky Note Marketing On Campus

1. Sticky Note Marketing On Campus

Sticky note marketing is all about co-creation and engagement making it an effective college marketing strategy. Students love to express themselves and influence brands, and with sticky note marketing they can do just that! Brands can place questions around campus—on campus bulletin boards in high traffic locations—and students can fill in responses on sticky notes and place them under the questions. This creates a dialogue between students and brands, and builds brand awareness on campus.

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NAM Youth Marketing Reinvents Enrollment Marketing

NAM Youth Marketing Reinvents Enrollment Marketing

Numbers matter significantly in enrollment and admissions marketing, from increasing the applicant pool to lowering student acquisition cost. However, numbers can distract colleges and universities from their primary focus—making meaningful connections with prospective students-and ultimately hurt recruiting efforts.

NAM Youth Marketing, a college and youth marketing company, understands college students’ wants and needs, and is utilizing this knowledge to reinvent higher education marketing using a human-centric approach. NAM believes in the necessity to create 360-degree engagements that build brand awareness, resonate with students, and inspire action.

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Admission Recruiting Strategies for Business Schools Part 3

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Further enhance your business recruiting strategies by developing quality leads through target marketing. Learn how to reach college students on campus using peer-to-peer marketing.

In Admissions Recruiting Strategies for Business Schools Part 1, I discussed the importance of understanding prospective applicants’ wants and values, in order to enhance the desirability of your business school. In Admissions Recruiting Strategies for Business Schools Part 2, I explained why it’s important to analyze all aspects of the admissions recruiting cycle and showed the value of acquiring quality leads. In this blog post, I will demonstrate ways in which you can narrow in on your niche audience and develop quality leads using innovative techniques to further enhance your business recruiting strategies.

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