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Facebook vs. GM is basically Traditional Media vs. Social Media in College Marketing

Social Media in College Marketing

The GM and Facebook advertising saga is an interesting chapter in college marketing but also foreshadows the relationship between advertisers and consumers in college marketing as well as the mainstream.

The latest news on GM and Facebook is a microchosm of social media versus traditional media.  This particular case is interesting because GM also happens to be one of the biggest spenders in college marketing and being a fairly old company, comes from the camp still thinking in terms of traditional advertising and metrics.

I must admit that I have been telling clients for some time that Facebook ads, relative to college marketing, were a waste and simply not effective as they are contrary to the Facebook user experience.  College students go on Facebook to connect with friends and ads really get in the way.   Now we have GM coming out and basically saying the same thing…or so we thought.  Ad Age published a recent article by Cotton Delo, Big Spenders Push Ad Line, But Facebook Holds Ground, which brought to light an interesting dynamic,

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The Most Effective Way to Use Facebook in College Marketing

Facebook college marketing | College Facebook advertising

Companies have relied of Facebook ads as a way to take advantage of this social media medium on college campuses but just because it is the ‘safest’ way to use Facebook doesn’t mean it’s the most effective.

Many large companies who embark on college marketing know they need to tie Facebook into their college marketing strategy which we certainly agree with, as Facebook is in very high demand among 18-22 year olds.  The question is how to effectively incorporate it.

Facebook offers traditional online ads similar to banners ads on the margin of the facebook platform.  Companies and agencies like this type of approach because it is familiar to them, they can gather (or at least they think they can gather) traditional type metrics to analyze and everyone will go on their merry way.  The problem is that college students (and most people in general) do not go on Facebook to look at ads; they are not interested in engaging with online ads and it’s just another example of students’ being bombarded with digital ads, while they are trying to enjoy an online experience.

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