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Start Conversations On Campus with College Brand Ambassador Programs

Nutella College Brand Ambassador Program

College brand ambassador programs allow brands to start conversations on campus and meaningfully connect with students through peer-to-peer marketing.

College brand ambassador programs allow brands to connect with students on campus using student influencers. These college brand ambassadors have access to student spaces and connections on campus that allow them to distribute ads and meaningfully start conversations with students. This is an organic type of marketing that resonates with students.

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Fraternities and Sororities Influence College Marketing Campaigns Part 2

On Campus Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

Sorority Girls Holding Branded Beer Koozies at a Fraternity and Sorority Party

In part 1, I discussed fraternities and sororities’ influence on campus and their impact on college marketing campaigns. In part 2, I will share 3 college marketing strategies involving on campus fraternity and sorority marketing.

3 Ways Brands Can Promote On Campus Using Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

1. Giveaway Branded Koozies at Fraternity and Sorority Parties

A great brand awareness technique for companies looking to break into the college market and reach the elusive college consumer is by giving away branded koozies at fraternity and sorority parties. This type of marketing event will have great reach as these get-togethers attract big crowds of influential members of the student body.

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