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Why Use College Marketing Representatives Part 2

Why Use College Marketing Representatives Part 2

In my last blog post, I discussed the difference between a brand ambassador and a college marketing representative. Today, I’d like to further explore the benefits of using college marketing representatives.

College Marketing Representatives Know the Ins and Outs of Their Campus

One of the biggest benefits of using college marketing representatives is having access to their insider knowledge of campus life and using this information to better plan marketing campaigns. These representatives are currently living the student experience and their knowledge is up to date, relevant, and personal. This information is much more valuable than someone with an academic understanding of the college and youth market, especially given the complexity and rapidly evolving nature of this demographic.

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Sports Events Magazine’s Interview with NAM Youth Marketing

Attracting Millennials to Sports Events

NAM Youth Marketing was featured in an article recently by Sports Events Magazine—a magazine dedicated to helping planners of sporting events and competitions become more successful. Here’s an excerpt of the questions I was asked for the article with my responses:

1. What are the major challenges of getting millennials’ attention?

Technology plays a significant role in millennials’ lives and causes their values to rapidly change. For instance, smartphones and social networking allow millennials to connect with friends without leaving home. This challenges industries that historically relied on more-active participation. These businesses must now reimagine how to capture the attention of increasingly distracted and electronically connected youths.

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Advertising Video Games on College Campuses

Advertising Video Games on College Campuses

College students love gaming as it’s a way to socialize with their peers and escape from the stress of everyday life. Advertising video games on college campuses is a great way to promote an upcoming release or introduce new devices.

Video Games Provide an Opportunity for Socialization and Friendship

The majority of college students play video games regularly. This is not surprising given their preference for socialization and group activities. Video games allow students to connect and hangout, and many students play video games as a social activity. In fact, “51 percent of men believe[] that gaming improved their friendship with friends.”[i] Video games are great icebreakers for people that have just met. Video games help people feel more comfortable around each other. It’s a form of entertainment that allows for interaction and teamwork, while reducing social pressure.

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Advertise to College Students via College Newspapers

college newspaper advertising

Use college newspapers as a way to reach the college market.

Though print media readership among college students is generally on the decline, college students still stay tuned and frequently read their college newspapers. They use their collegiate newspaper as a way to stay in touch with the activities on campus, as well as the achievements of their peers. It’s also a great way to find out what entertainment and events are going on in a given week. Many local businesses use college newspapers to advertise to college students about upcoming events and deals. For example, this week in FSView—Florida State’s College Newspaper—Mockingbird Café is advertising for Whiskey Wednesday, The Warehouse is advertising for Open Mic Night, and AJ’s is advertising for a Karaoke Dance Party. These are just a few of the advertisements in the newspaper. What college students like about this type of advertising is that it doesn’t feel like advertising, rather they see it as a helpful reminder of the cool stuff happening around town. Plus it’s on print which means they can cut out the calendar section of the newspaper and hang it on their fridge as a reminder of what’s going on—which many college students actually do.

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