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Sticky Note Marketing Promotes Co-Creation on Campus

When I was a college student at FSU, there was an art exhibit on campus that garnered a lot of attention. It was a confession booth where students would go and write their secrets anonymously. Later the artist would read the secrets and display them to the community in an effort to raise awareness about the inner struggles students face on campus and to show students they’re not alone. It’s very similar to Candy Chang’s interactive artist installation in Las Vegas.

This FSU art project attracted students’ attention on campus. People were curious about the confession booth and what it represented. Many students enjoyed participating and writing their secrets down, and both active participants and non-participants, found peoples’ stories and secrets fascinating and felt an emotional connection with their peers as a result.

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Leveraging College Event Marketing

Leveraging College Event Marketing

Is your company considering ramping up efforts by marketing to the lucrative college student segment? If so, there are a number of opportunities that college marketing presents. Events are a great way of reaching a wide audience and have huge viral potential. The right approach to college event marketing could increase the rate of the event’s registration, and help with the follow-through from attendees after the event is over. There are a number of important elements to consider when planning a college event marketing strategy:

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Engaging College Students Matters More Than Sheer Numbers Alone in College Marketing

Engaging College Students Social Media Marketing image

When marketing to college students, it is more important to focus on providing engaging, meaningful content than focusing solely on numbers.

Social media marketing enables brands to gain followers and friends, while highlighting and marketing upcoming events or products. It is a great medium for reaching college students, since they readily indulge in various social media platforms. Knowing your target audience and their love of social media can help jumpstart conversations and engagement with your brand. Social media marketing can be an excellent college marketing tool when done correctly. However, most companies lose sight of the bigger goal—forming meaningful connections—when using social media marketing; instead they focus on numbers alone. This obsession on numbers shifts the attention away from engagement and creating strong customer-brand relations and focuses more on quantity.

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How To Differentiate Between a ‘Like’ and a ‘Fan’ in College Marketing

Differentiate Between a ‘Like’ and a ‘Fan’ in College Marketing

Brands often times attempt to engage college student through ‘Likes’ and feel that they have accomplished their objectives in college marketing if they achieve a certain quantity. Unfortunately, there is a bit more to it. Learn how to differentiate between a ‘Like’ and a ‘Fan’ in college marketing.

Corporate marketers and brands attempting to engage the college market through social media and Facebook are still in the process of understanding this new and emerging medium and how to use it to convert college students into customers through engagement.  The main problem is that many companies identify their objective in their college marketing plan as to acquire as many ‘Likes’ as possible via Facebook Marketing and then feel as though the mission is accomplished, if they achieve this goal.

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