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The technological divide between gen Y and X is growing

technological divide Ewan Duncan

Sarah Mahoney at Mediapost.com held an interesting interview with Ewan Duncan, a principle in the Seattle office of McKinsey & Co about the notion that the divide between generation Y and its predecessor is growing faster than expected. Some interesting things covered include phones being used less for voice, and those over the age of 35 being a lot less likely to pay for online content.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Q. So you’ve now looked at 100,000 consumers, across 15 countries. What’s surprising to you?

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5 Tips for Effective On Campus College Marketing to Students

Effective On Campus College Marketing to Students

Reach the elusive, active, niche college student marketplace where students live, study and play using these 5 tips on effective on campus college marketing to students.

Back to school college marketing and  spring break college marketing are excellent times for brands to connect with college students. Food and beverage, entertainment, and automotive industries often all vie for reaching students and leaving impressions on the 18-24 year old COLLEGE demographic. Given that students are making brand decisions, many for the first time, creates an opportunity for brands to connect with students and create lifetime customers. However, using an inappropriate marketing strategy will leave you with little results.

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