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8 College Tailgate Marketing Event Ideas

8 College Tailgate Marketing Event Ideas

Want to reach 49 million college football attendees at the biggest games of the year? Explore 8 college tailgate marketing event ideas and learn how brands can create interactive game day experiences for fans.

8 College Tailgate Marketing Event Ideas

1. Set Up Branded Tailgate Tents with Sample Giveaways


Have a product college students will love? Consider setting up branded tents in popular tailgating areas and giving away free samples. College students will happily take free items, especially if they contribute to the game day experience in some way.

2. Launch Mobile Bus Tailgating Tours

College Mobile Bus Tailgating Tours

Mobile bus tailgating tours allow brands to create a memorable experience for tailgate attendees. With mobile tours, brands have the opportunity to engage customers face to face and have two-way conversations with customers. Brands can have hands-on product demonstrations, as well as social and digital contests to keep the communication going after the bus leaves.

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