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Advertising to Students Using a Mixed Marketing Approach

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Advertising to students using a mixed marketing approach will lead to success.

1. Campus Radio Stations

Reaching college students has never been easier than with campus radio advertisements. The reason college radio advertisements are a highly effective form of advertising is that it hones in on the student market and guarantees that your advertisement will reach college students’ ears. College students listen to their campus radio station when they want to hear about their school, community, NPR broadcasts, alternative music, lectures, and upcoming events. They are more willing to listen to radio commercials on a campus radio station because the commercials will be focused on advertising to students; hence the ads are more likely to appeal to them. Advertising to students via the campus radio, allows students to hear your advertisements whether they are in a car, off campus, or on campus. It allows for flexibility in student advertising; students don’t have to be at one particular location to see or hear your ad.

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College Marketing Tips for Student Agents, Part 1

College Marketing Tips for Student Agents, Part 1

Based on my personal experience, I’d like to offer some college marketing tips for student agents involved in campus marketing and postering.

Although college marketing plans delegated to student agents may seem relatively simple—hang posters, distribute handouts, take surveys—I’ve employed a few strategies to make these tasks easier, more efficient, and less disruptive.

College Posters

  • Use a heavy-duty stapler rather than tacks, tape, or an office stapler. For $20 or less, you can purchase one in the hardware section of stores like Wal-Mart. It’s faster and more secure than other options for affixing college marketing posters.
  • Be respectful of people and places in the buildings. Remember that classes may be ongoing, even early or late in the day. And avoid bulletin boards on floors devoted to faculty offices—they usually belong to professors and aren’t intended for youth advertising.
  • Pay attention to where you’re posting. Some college boards are earmarked for marketing and listings, while others are reserved for departmental purposes. Chances are, if you see a board without any ads, “for sale” posters, or the like, it isn’t for campus marketing.
  • Work in a team. If you have a friend who’s willing to work with you, it saves time to have one person hanging the college marketing posters while the other person stands ready to take the picture.
  • Do not attach more than one youth marketing poster to a given bulletin board. It looks bad and some schools have policies against it. Also, try to avoid posting over other people’s flyers if at all possible.
  • Develop a college marketing plan beforehand based on campus layout. If you’re targeting certain departments, find out where their buildings are and decide on the best route. Or, if the campus posters are for general distribution, go to the locations with the most postering opportunities.

By following these college marketing tips, student marketing agents can complete their projects more quickly and easily, all without raising the ire of faculty members, custodians, or fellow students.

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College Advertising: Advertising Culture and Adventure to College Students

College Advertising Culture and Adventure to College Students

College students have the desire to travel; study abroad programs should utilize on-campus marketing techniques to build on these dreams, highlighting the worthwhile nature of studying abroad.

College students love to travel and will eagerly jump at the opportunity to go on a vacation or travel abroad. They eagerly seek adventure, from a cruise to the Bahamas to a trek in the Amazon rainforest. They want the thrill and excitement of experiencing a new place and culture; the destination hardly matters. College students also value the knowledge they will gain from participating in a study abroad program, whether it be acquiring language skills, engaging in local customs, or learning about the history, politics, and culture of a new place. Marketers should build on these dreams and desires, highlighting the worthwhile nature of studying abroad.

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