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College Advertising: Advertising Culture and Adventure to College Students

College Advertising Culture and Adventure to College Students

College students have the desire to travel; study abroad programs should utilize on-campus marketing techniques to build on these dreams, highlighting the worthwhile nature of studying abroad.

College students love to travel and will eagerly jump at the opportunity to go on a vacation or travel abroad. They eagerly seek adventure, from a cruise to the Bahamas to a trek in the Amazon rainforest. They want the thrill and excitement of experiencing a new place and culture; the destination hardly matters. College students also value the knowledge they will gain from participating in a study abroad program, whether it be acquiring language skills, engaging in local customs, or learning about the history, politics, and culture of a new place. Marketers should build on these dreams and desires, highlighting the worthwhile nature of studying abroad.

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College Student Back-To-School Marketing Opportunities

Back-to-School Advertising | Marketing to Students image

Back-to-school advertising, during the early fall semester, can increase brand awareness and allow your company to form positive bonds with incoming students, as well as marketing to students looking for change and excitement.

Advertising to students at the beginning or near the start of the fall semester is imperative. This is a time when many students are making a lot of purchases, including clothing, technology, furniture, school supplies, household items, and media. The beginning of the fall semester represents a new year and is an exciting time for college students.

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