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Top College Marketing Blog Posts of 2016

Top College Marketing Blog Posts of 2016

Check out NAM Youth Marketing’s top college marketing blog posts of 2016 by pageviews. Read the best college marketing ideas, strategies, and tips. Plus, a look into college advertising brand awareness programs that work.

Read Our Top College Marketing Blog Posts of 2016

1. 5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas that Work 

5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas

Looking for new and exciting ways to market to college students? This blog post explores 5 experiential college marketing ideas and why they work. From mobile college marketing tours to lead generation campaigns, this blog will give you innovative ideas to reaching and engaging the lucrative college audience.

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3 College Marketing Tips for Successful College Marketing Campaigns

3 College Marketing Tips for Successful College Marketing Campaigns

There’s a lot that can go wrong when marketing to college students. Avoid some of the biggest college marketing mistakes by following these 3 college marketing tips.

3 College Marketing Tips for Successful College Marketing Campaigns

1. Perform Market Research Before Planning a College Marketing Campaign

Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of thinking you understand the college market. Instead, perform thorough market research or partner with an experienced college marketing agency to make sure you understand the audience, the space, and the types of marketing that will resonate with students.

The college market is constantly changing as new technologies and social channels emerge. It’s important to stay up-to-date on consumer trends, media use, emerging social networking sites, campus news, and student life and campus culture. Having in-depth knowledge of the college market place will lead to a more successful college marketing promotion.

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Fraternities and Sororities Influence College Marketing Campaigns Part 2

On Campus Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

Sorority Girls Holding Branded Beer Koozies at a Fraternity and Sorority Party

In part 1, I discussed fraternities and sororities’ influence on campus and their impact on college marketing campaigns. In part 2, I will share 3 college marketing strategies involving on campus fraternity and sorority marketing.

3 Ways Brands Can Promote On Campus Using Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

1. Giveaway Branded Koozies at Fraternity and Sorority Parties

A great brand awareness technique for companies looking to break into the college market and reach the elusive college consumer is by giving away branded koozies at fraternity and sorority parties. This type of marketing event will have great reach as these get-togethers attract big crowds of influential members of the student body.

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Why Use College Marketing Representatives Part 1

Why use college marketing representatives

The Difference Between Brand Ambassadors and College Marketing Representatives

There is a big difference between a brand ambassador and a student brand ambassador also known as a college marketing representative. A brand ambassador is hired by a company or an event marketing agency to help promote products, raise awareness, and excite consumers about a particular brand or product. They represent the brand and interact with potential customers, oftentimes giving away free swag or promotional materials. They must be outgoing, friendly, and knowledgeable about the product or service they’re promoting and engage consumers in a fun, memorable way.

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College Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

College Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes professionals and agencies make when marketing to students is treating college students as a homogeneous group and not making their campaigns targeted for the best possible return on investment.

There is a tendency to view the college market as a homogeneous group among marketers and agencies, and while this niche demographic does share commonalties, they are a very diverse group and should be treated as such to enhance marketing efforts and return on investment.

Why You Should Not View the College Market as a Homogeneous Group

College Campuses Differ From One Another

There are many different types of colleges with vastly different programs and offerings. First, let’s take a look at a list of the most common types of colleges and universities:

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Actively Engage Students During College Marketing Campaigns

Actively Engage Students During College Marketing Campaigns

To have a successful college marketing campaign, it’s important to directly connect and actively engage students on and offline.

You might think that having a Facebook page for your business or having billboards or posters placed around college campuses are key avenues to a successful college marketing campaign and don’t get me wrong, they are great beginnings. However, to truly capture and connect with the college market, extra steps are required.

Social media among the youth demographic is hot right now and studies indicate this trend is only going to increase. According to Digital Buzz Blog, 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed. . . .The core 18-24 year old segment is now growing the fastest at 74% year on year. So Facebook certainly is a key segment for any college marketing campaign, but how do achieve a successful college Facebook advertising strategy that resonates with students?

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Pop Culture Tie-Ins, Present

Utilizing pop culture references, both past and present, may be one good way for collegiate marketers to capture the attention of media-saturated youths.

Continuing from my previous blog, in which I briefly examined some possibilities for youth marketing campaigns to tie-in popular culture references from the target group’s childhood, I will now discuss the present-day opportunities afforded companies interested in college advertising.

Thanks to the proliferation of computers and other electronics, as well as the rapid advances in technological hardware, popular culture today is a bigger treasure trove for youth marketing companies than ever before. College students are plugged into one gadget or another seemingly all the time, and this means that information spreads literally at the speed of light. Videos, memes, and all manner of content can go from unknown to popular around the globe practically overnight.

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