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Top 2015 College Marketing Blog Posts by Popularity

Today I want to share NAM Youth Marketing’s top 2015 college marketing blog posts. These are the college marketing articles people viewed the most in 2015.

The Top 10 College Marketing Blog Posts of 2015

1. College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 2

Top 2015 College Marketing Blog Posts

Back to school is always an exciting time for students and marketers! This blog post explores 5 innovative ways to reach incoming students, from launching contests on social media to participating in dorm room move-in events.  This post will have you thinking about back to school and making a lasting impression with students.

2. College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 1

college marketing ideas dorm room advertising

Back to school is a hot topic! This is not surprising as marketing opportunities abound during transitional periods. Incoming students are just starting to develop shopping patterns and brand loyalty. Brands who reach students early in their collegiate career have the chance to develop lifetime customers. This college marketing blog post explores 5 ways brands can connect with students on campus.

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