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Increase Movie Ticket Sales with College Advertising

Increase Movie Ticket Sales with College Advertising

Movie theatres face serious challenges filling seats as they compete with more convenient and economical sources of entertainment. There’s no denying that it’s more convenient to stay at home and watch Netflix in your pajamas and chill than to go out to the theatres. It’s also much cheaper to wait and rent a new release on Red Box than to see a movie in the theatres. Movie theatres can’t compete with convenience and price, and must find other ways to appeal to the college crowd and increase movie theatre attendance.

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The Importance of a College Marketing Plan

College Marketing Plan image

Before beginning a college advertising and marketing campaign, you need to develop a solid college marketing plan.

Developing a solid college marketing plan allows you to assess your business and marketing goals, identify and analyze your target demographic, evaluate ways to achieve your marketing strategies, maximize marketing resources and increase efficiency, determine a way to track and measure results, and assign roles and responsibilities. Let us examine each of these categories in more detail.

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How To Catch A Young Voter through College Marketing

How to Catch a Young Voter Through College Marketing

Although in high usage among college students, social media is only one avenue to utilize in reaching college students on campus. Learn how to catch a young voter through college marketing.

Scarborough Research indicates that:

young voters: (American Adults 18-24 who say they are registered to vote in their district of their residence) account for 10% of all self-identified registered voters. These Young Voters are much more social media savvy, more evenly spread across the political spectrum and more racially and ethnically diverse than all self-identified registered voters. Young people across the country are looking forward to having their voices heard and their votes counted. According to the study, 72% of Young Voters have used social media via the internet in the past 30 days, compared with 45% of all registered voters during the same time period.

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