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Build Brand Awareness with College Football Marketing

college football marketing student brand ambassadors

College football marketing provides tremendous branding opportunities for companies looking to reach the college crowd. Explore college football marketing strategies that don’t break the bank and are accessible to both big and small companies.

Low-Cost Options for College Football Marketing

  1. Use College Street Teams to Pass Out Promotional Materials

Brand ambassadors are an excellent way to get your promotional ads into the hands of football game attendees. They can pass out call-to-action coupons, samples, or promotional flyers to attendees as they enter and exit the arena. If you want to target college students specifically, you can hire students to pass out swag in the student section of the stands. This is a fun, interactive way of reaching fans and raising awareness for your brand.

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College Event Marketing: A Creative Approach to College Marketing

College Event Marketing A Creative Approach to College Marketing

College event marketing gives your company the opportunity to interact with students, allowing them to experience your product and participate in your brand’s story.

Event marketing takes college marketing to a whole new level. It is about engaging students in meaningful, interactive ways. College event marketing has the ability to break into the self-absorbed world of the youth, captivating students and leaving worthwhile impressions. It takes fleeting moments and transforms them into lasting memories. A company should use college event marketing as a way of reaching college students, forming person-to-person connections.

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