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College and Metro Area Marketing: Get Bold with Print

Get Bold with Print: Sticky Note Marketing
Sticky Note Marketing Attracts Attention and Encourages Engagement

Think print advertising is dead? Think again. Print advertising, when used in innovative ways, can leave quite the impression and encourage meaningful engagement. From billboards to magazine ads, there are a lot of different print ads out there, vying for people’s attention. One way to stand out among the clutter is to use ad mediums that aren’t commonly used; this will attract notice and draw attention to your brand.

1.     Make a Statement with Wild Postings

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The Importance of Creating Buzz with Events in College Marketing

The Importance of Creating Buzz with Events in College Marketing

College event marketing will help your company form meaningful connections with the youth market. Utilizing your fans and creating exclusivity will create buzz among college students, leading to a success marketing campaign.

College students need to be engaged. Traditional methods of advertising alone will no longer suffice. There’s an overwhelming abundance of advertisements targeting this demographic, infiltrating their space, vying for their attention. The youth have become pretty adept at picking and choosing which ads to ignore and which ones to engage with.

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2 Things You Need to Know About Facebook College Marketing


Studies show that college students are apt to ‘unfriend’ and disengage companies who appear to be ‘selling’ to them on Facebook, rather than engaging with them. Marketers must use tact in pursuing Facebook college marketing.

Facebook is one of the most highly trafficked social media platforms among college students making it an almost essential part of any college marketing strategy. The way companies and brands go about this process is what really can separate the winners from the losers in brand engagement among college students and ultimately return on investment.

In a recent survey conducted by Nielsen, studies show that 39% of college students ‘unfriend’ because a brand is over-stepping their bounds in trying to sell them something. See below for the main culprits resulting in an ‘unfriending’:

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