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Attract Students’ Attention with Sidewalk Chalk Advertising

Sidewalk chalk advertising on campus

Sidewalk chalk advertising is a cost-effective way to get your ad in front of students and build brand awareness on college campuses.

3 Reasons Why Brands Should Utilize Chalk Ads when Advertising to Students

1. College Campuses Have a High Concentration of Foot Traffic

Colleges and universities are designed for pedestrians and walking is the main way students get around. Campus sidewalks are filled with students, as students walk between classes or head to the dining hall for lunch. College sporting events also draw large crowds of pedestrian traffic to campuses. All this foot traffic, makes sidewalk chalk ads a great way to increase brand awareness on campus!

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Sticky Note Marketing Promotes Co-Creation on Campus

When I was a college student at FSU, there was an art exhibit on campus that garnered a lot of attention. It was a confession booth where students would go and write their secrets anonymously. Later the artist would read the secrets and display them to the community in an effort to raise awareness about the inner struggles students face on campus and to show students they’re not alone. It’s very similar to Candy Chang’s interactive artist installation in Las Vegas.

This FSU art project attracted students’ attention on campus. People were curious about the confession booth and what it represented. Many students enjoyed participating and writing their secrets down, and both active participants and non-participants, found peoples’ stories and secrets fascinating and felt an emotional connection with their peers as a result.

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College Postering Remains Relevant in College Marketing

Why College Postering Remains Relevant in College Advertising

College postering remains relevant in college marketing. Print remains an effective advertising medium in reaching students on college campuses.

Why College Postering Remains Relevant in College Advertising

When brands and companies think of advertising to students, they often think of digital advertising. After all, students spend a lot of their time online, on social media, and on their smartphones. This coupled with the fact that print advertising is declining makes most marketers look toward digital and experiential mediums, and while these platforms can be highly successful, print shouldn’t be overlooked when advertising to students.

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College Advertising for Telecommunications Companies

College Advertising for Telecommunications Companies

College consumers are an important target market for telecommunications companies. Learn about college advertising for telecommunications companies and why the college market is such a lucrative demographic.   

Why Telecommunications Companies Should Advertise to College Students

The college market is a very lucrative target market for telecommunication companies for several reasons. College students, especially college freshmen, are moving away from home for the first time. This is a critical time for telecommunications companies to reach incoming students and capture their attention before brand loyalties have been established.

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How Restaurants Can Appeal to Millennials

How Restaurants Can Appeal to Millennials Restaurants need to focus on appealing to millennials in order to tap into this lucrative, trend-setting demographic. This blog discusses the importance of the millennial demographic on the restaurant industry and how restaurants can appeal to millennials, gain customers, and remain relevant.

Why Restaurants Need to Appeal to Millennials:

  • Millennials have cut back annual restaurant visits by 21% over the last seven years.[i]
  • Millennials constitute 25% of the US population.[ii]
  • Millennials will spend more than $200 billion annually starting in 2017 and $10 trillion in their lifetimes, a significant portion of which will naturally be on foods and beverages.[iii]
  • Millennials set trends in the food and beverage industry and carry significant influence over their peers, as well as generations before and after them

How Restaurant Can Appeal to Millennials:

  • Provide millennials with a social experience by offering communal seating, tapas style dining to encourage sharing, a themed night, or another experience that encourages socialization.
  • Offer global flavors, unique food combinations, and customization options to appeal to millennials’ quest for adventure and personal expression.
  • Provide them with a brand story to show authenticity and transparency; millennials want to know where their food is coming from.
  • Offer new items periodically to keep interest up; millennials love to try new things and will quickly get bored with a restaurant if there isn’t the option to try something new.

How to Advertise Your Restaurant to Millennials:

  • Hire millennials to gain insight into the demographic in order to create authentic campaigns that resonate with millennials.
  • Use social influencers to spread the word about your restaurant.
  • Encourage co-creation by having diners upload pictures of themselves onto social media accounts for the chance to win prizes.
  • Drive traffic to your restaurant by passing out coupons on college campuses.
  • Encourage feedback from diners and listen to what they like and don’t like.
  • Keep your campaign fun, entertaining, and relevant.

 How Restaurants Can Appeal to Millennials Example

Buca Di Beppo College Poster

Buca di Beppo created a campaign designed to appeal to college students—a lucrative subset of millennials. Buca’s goal was to raise awareness among students, student groups, fraternities and sororities, and other campus organizations to increase patronage and encourage students to use Buca for student functions and events. Buca made college students feel special by offering an exclusive college student discount.

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Generate Brand Awareness On Campus

Generate Brand Awareness On Campus

Learn how to generate brand awareness on campus and reinforce your brand image with consistent brand messaging across marketing channels.

How to Generate Brand Awareness On Campus

1. Develop Consistent Brand Messaging Across Marketing Channels

Before you employ an on campus advertising campaign, you must develop a story or brand message that will resonate across marketing channels. This message needs to be consistent visually, as well as thematically. You want people to quickly look at a company ad or image and immediately associate it with your brand. This consistency will greatly enhance your ability to generate brand awareness on campus quickly and effectively.

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College and Metro Area Marketing: Get Bold with Print

Get Bold with Print: Sticky Note Marketing
Sticky Note Marketing Attracts Attention and Encourages Engagement

Think print advertising is dead? Think again. Print advertising, when used in innovative ways, can leave quite the impression and encourage meaningful engagement. From billboards to magazine ads, there are a lot of different print ads out there, vying for people’s attention. One way to stand out among the clutter is to use ad mediums that aren’t commonly used; this will attract notice and draw attention to your brand.

1.     Make a Statement with Wild Postings

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Advertising Skiing: How to Develop a Strategic College Marketing Plan

Advertising Skiing College Marketing Plan image

When developing a ski area college marketing plan, it is important to consider timing, marketing channels, reach, geographical locations, and target audiences.

When Developing a Ski Area College Marketing Plan Consider:


Timing plays a critical role in college marketing, especially in the skiing and tourism industry. You need to start your college marketing campaign early enough to generate awareness, but not too far in advance that students forget or lose interest. NAM Youth Marketing has found the best time to start an on-campus marketing campaign for ski resorts and ski related paraphernalia is in early September. This allows your resort to establish an on-campus presence, build brand awareness, and attract attention. It also creates heightened anticipation for the upcoming ski season and fosters excitement among the students.

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Poster Advertising: What Works and What Doesn’t

College Poster Advertising

Use evocative, eye-catching images when engaging in college poster campaigns. The poster will capture students’ attention and generate brand awareness.

There’s a lot of advertising that takes place on a college campus. It makes sense, the majority of college students have recently left home and generally speaking have a lot of discretionary spending money. They want to have a good time and live the college experience, and they are willing to pay to make this happen.

That said college students are discerning about how they choose to spend their money. The other day I was on campus looking at one of the many campus bulletin boards and I was drawn in by a particular poster advertising an upcoming African dance, music, and fashion exhibition. Since I have no ties to African culture and no particular interest in dance, music, and fashion, I began to analyze why this particular poster caught my eye.

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Word of Mouth Is the Best Ad for College Marketing

word of mouth advertising college marketing

Word of mouth advertising can be the most effective marketing vehicle for your college marketing campaign as well as your brand. Learn why word of mouth advertising is the best ad for college marketing.

Understanding how to create the right environment for a strong viral, word of mouth marketing campaign can be analyzed and broken down in the following ways.  A recent Businessweek article, Pro: Consumers Trust Their Friends by Shawn P. O’Connor, a strong case is made regarding the effectiveness and necessity through it’s thesis: 

“…Research clearly demonstrates that word of mouth – product or service recommendations made by friends, co-workers, or neighbors you know and trust – is still the most effective way to win new customers.”

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